Chery ACTECO Engine


Austria AVL and China Chery’s Technology Corporation; ACT on fuel Economy and Ecological environment;

There are rich signification on ACTECO, totally 3 kinds of meaning:

Through independent innovation, Chery has developed models of world-class engines. From 3-cylinder to V-shaped 6-cylinder, from low displacement to high displacement (0.8-4.2 L), and from gasoline engines to diesel engines, ACTECO engines have complete independent production lines. ACTECO adopts turbocharging, DVVT, TCI, TGDI and other advanced technology all in line with international standards such as Euro IV Emission Standards. They have been widely applied to Chery cars production to meet different requirements of car equipments.

Chery Automobile Company was founded on March, 1997, which has produced 20 models of the vehicle as well as ACTECO series engine and transmission.

Chery’s products cover passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and minivans. The engines cover from 0.6L to 2.0L and transmissions cover MT, AT, AMT, CVT.

Chery has exported its vehicles to more than 80 countries and regions all over the world and the number of CKD factories built or being built is up to 16.


The first layer of meaning is the mark of the engine technology lineage. At the beginning of the letter A refer to Austria (Austria) AVL company also said its birthplace in China, Anhui (Anhui Province China); second letter C that China (China) Chery (Chery); last two letters of CO is English words cooperation (cooperation) of the abbreviation. Therefore, ACTECO the meaning of the expression of the first layer of the engine is Austria’s AVL company and is located in Anhui, China’s Chery Automobile Technology co-operation of the crystal. AVL is Europe’s leading engine manufacturers, is Germany’s leading automotive companies such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and other engine suppliers, AVL technology with Chery’s boldness of vision to ensure ACTECO the starting point.

ACTECO the meaning of the second layer is mainly about the product design and performance. TEC is the middle of the three-letter English word “technology” (Technology) of the first three letters; the last three letters on behalf of both the economy of ECO (Economic) also said that ecological and environmental protection (Ecological); the last two letters of CO is also the English word cost ( low-cost) of the abbreviation. ACTECO second layer of meaning that the engine is to use technology developed by world-class set of economic and energy-saving environmental protection as one of the products, will help reduce the use of economic cost (low consumption) and social cost (low emission).

ACTECO concentrated in the third meaning of the first letter of A, expressed the company’s business philosophy Chery: in the automotive industry (Automobile) brave fight for the first (A). And the first three letters of ACT (Action) is also a Chery for the Chinese auto industry to develop their own distinctive approach: no matter how controversial the outside world, their actions speak for themselves.

 Acteco provides surging power beyond expectation of the drivers by the first-class assembly technology in the world, effectively reduces power loss by fine and efficient power transmission, significantly increases power efficiency of fuel, achieves perfect balance between power and energy consumption, and help solves global energy crisis, environment degrading and other problems. By huge manpower and material put in technology research, Chery aims to make the best use of power of each car.
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